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We are the best in what we do and people always give us that credit. We decided to setup this skill acquisition academy in other to teach people what we know, make them professionals, empower them and boost their careers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn from the masters?

We have proven results all over the web when it comes to these digital skills with real life projects. Everything we know is being laid bare in our various digital courses, both online and offline. Therefore, make the best of your time, boost your ability, empower yourself by enrolling today.


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Online Learning

Entrepreneurship Skills

Develop your skills, learn something new, and grow your skills from anywhere in the world! We understand better that online-based learning can make a significant change to reach students from all over the world! Giving options to learn better always can offer the best outcomes! Therefore, we urge you to take advantage of our sought after courses and become that professional you've dreamed of, with certificates acquired after completion.

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Why E-learning


Any internet enabled device can be used for adequate learning. This ranges from smart phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, etc.


While being enrolled in any of our online courses, you can pause or continue at any time. Just learn at your own pace.


Our online courses are affordable and can be purchased by anyone out there. Meanwhile, there are free courses as well.

Get trained right at our office

Office Classes

Our office classes are second to none. It’s being done in a conducive, well ventilated room. The training is always done with the aid of a powerful projector which makes everything visible as the training goes on. The training is always more of practical and less theoretical with refreshments a times. 

We understand that learning should be fun and so, we keep our training sections very lively. Assignments are often given as well to keep trainees engaged, which quickens the learning process as well. We already have testimonials from trainees who have enrolled in the past. Thus, we have every reason to believe that we are really changing lives positively. 

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If you're living around or close to our office address or you think you can make it on dailies from your destination, contact us immediately via any of the contact channels below.

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What some trainees have to say.


My training with you guys was very educative and enjoyable. I highly commend your professionalism. Good job!!

Annable Emmanuel


I was amazed of how professional you guys are. Your designs are unique. I really love it. Keep it up guys

Ozioma Ezeoru


It was a good experience with MKDIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES

Francis Chininso